My line and shape approach is a stylish, fast, efficient process, a narrative tool, moody and full of feeling. Animation is a timeless and powerful vehicle to solidify the memorable qualities of your brand for now and the generations to come, while delivering within the instantaneous needs of the changing media landscape. JonJon is the perfect animation content creator to tell your legendary story.


My line and shape style allows for the flexibility and power of spontaneous narrative ideas while staying true to a promised deadline. This co-branding announcement between Twitter and the members of the Weeknd’s XO crew, entitled HXOUSE, was unveiled after 3 weeks of intensive production.


My line and shape method brought the poetic verses of Flora Cash to life in the lyric video for their single THEY OWN THIS TOWN, also under a 3 week time frame.

My line and shape technique was chosen as the aesthetic to commemorate the 100th year of NELSON MANDELA’s life and legacy, basing off of historic photos and breathing animated life into them. A specific creative process I now call PHOTOSCOPE.